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About Be`l Beauty

The word Be`l means beauty for all. Be`l Beauty ( was founded by beauty conscience fashion single mom. That wanted quality products at reasonable and affordable prices. She looks world wide for those items and she brings them to you via the website  The website is not an affiliate site. All inventory items are purchased and owned by Be`l Beauty.

The owner believes why should beauty be only for the rich. Beauty should be a right for everyone. No matter who you are or what you look like. 

Every woman and man on the planet are beautiful in his or her own way. So we scan the globe, we look in out of the way places to find beauty products to bring to you.

We add something new every single day. All items are brand new. Some maybe out of the original box. All items are name brand items. And some items like Be`l Beauty Bee Bar are natural products that we love and offer to you at huge savings.

We also want to promote all cruelty free products. And as the company grows we will do just that. We also strive to create jobs and job growth. 


As the online business grows we will offer more and more name brand cruelty free items which will eventually help create new brick and mortar locations across the country. (The focus right now is the USA).

So just know when you purchase from Be`l Beauty that you are supporting three major efforts. 1. Cruelty free products and 2. Jobs. 3. Supporting Women and Girls initiatives through out the United States and around the world. And to help women to become financially independent through business ownership and/or education.